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Raquel Pawnshop offers the cheapest Personal Accident Insurance. This offering is for customers of Raquel Pawnshop in both pawning and non-pawning who are entitled of the following benefits:

        • >  Accidental Death P30,000.00
        • Permanent Total Disability P30,000.00
        • Permanent Partial Disability up to P30,000.00
        • Unprovoked Murder and Assault (UMA) P30,000.00
        • Accidental Burial (ABE) P6,000.00
        • Accidental Ambulance Benefit (AAB) P5,000.00

The accident coverage begins on the date of transaction and shall be valid for six (6) months. This shall provide insurance protection 24-hours a day, worldwide!

*Note: A Pawner/ Non-Pawner can buy maximum of five (5) Insurance Certificates only.




Personal Accident Insurance in Raquel Pawnshop is only P20.00








Just present the documents listed below:

Basic claim requirements

1. Accident/Sickness Insurance Claim Report Form

2. Attending Physician’s Report Form

3. Police Investigation Report or Statement of Witnesses

4. Copy of Certificate of Insurance

Accidental Death/Unprovoked Murder and Assault

1. Birth Certificate of the Insured and Beneficiary(ies) – authenticated copy

2. Police Investigation Report or Statement of Witnesses

3. Death Certificate – authenticated copy

4. Marriage contract – authenticated copy

5. Burial receipts / expenses

Accidental Death/Unprovoked Murder and Assault

1. EENT Specialist’s Certification in case of loss of sight.

2. Medical Specialist’s Certification on the current medical/physical condition of the Insured

3. Photos showing the latest condition of the Insured