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RPI Joins the Annual Pasayahan sa Lucena Grand Parade

RPI Joins the Annual Pasayahan sa Lucena Grand Parade

posted in What's New by Ate Raquel

From the capital of Quezon province, Lucena City, a history of its rich culture and festivity is a weeklong celebration focused on the city’s native products, the smoked fish called TINAPA and famous sweet spicy noodles called CHAMI.

Various activities are lined up during the weeklong celebration. The most awaited of all activities is the annual Grand Parade which took place last May 28, 2018. Different institutions gathered and participated in the said event. From business, education and non-government organization, active participation from various Lucenahin communities was very evident. 

Raquel Pawnshop, Inc. was one of the business organizations who joined the float competition among other equally competitive institutions.Showing off the vibrant culture of the city, RPI’s float also featured the current progress of Lucena City as it represented the year’s theme “Tara na sa Bagong Lucena”.

With the assistance of its designers, Jonathan Rasay and Cesar Gloaria, and the dedication of the whole Marketing Team, RPI’s participation to the annual PasayahansaLucena Grand Parade was a success. Finishing at 2nd Place, RPI could never be more grateful for the recognition given. One thing is for sure though, this is only the beginning. Clients from different areas of the province will surely see more of RPI’s passion for reaching out to communities and giving back to clients’ loyalty and continued love for RPI products and services through creativity and the art.

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