Our mission to improve the lives of the people is reflective to our core service called Pawning. We offer instant loan to the general public who needs financial assistance using jewelry or electronic gadgets as collaterals. Raquel Pawnshop offers high appraisal and low interest rate. You have nothing to worry on the safety of your pawned items because we have reliable security facilities. We also have the most skilled, values oriented and friendly front liners who are waiting to serve you superbly. Come and visit our branches in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao to experience and enjoy this great offer.

Acceptable Items

How to Pawn

1. Visit any of Raquel Pawnshop branch near you.

2. Bring your jewelry/gadget and one (1) valid ID. Present it to our friendly and skilled appraiser.

3. If the appraised value and net proceeds are agreeable to you, sign in the pawn ticket.

4. Receive and count the money before leaving the counter.

5. Secure the pawn ticket because it is required to present upon renewal or redemption of the pawned item.

What is Renew Anywhere

Renew Anywhere means you can renew or pay the interest of your pawned item to any Raquel Pawnshop branch where you are. You do not need to go back to the branch where your item was pawned. Raquel Pawnshop is proud to be a pioneer of RENEW ANYWHERE. This special feature of renewal in Raquel Pawnshop is FREE OF CHARGE.